"You will ALWAYS find happiness when you help others find it."

One thing I've observed and learned over the years is when you focus on your own personal happiness to the point where you're obsessed over it, you will never be happy. The more you try to do stuff to make yourself happy and contented, the more happiness eludes you. It's like chasing a hungry dog with food. No matter how hungry that dog is, if you chase it, it will always run away.

The reason is because...

...Happiness is best when it's shared with your friends, family and the people who need it most.

One thing I've realized in my life...

...is when I help others, whatever situation or circumstance I'm in, the immediate emotional and mental output is happiness. It doesn't matter if you're broke, lonely, depressed or whatever it may be, if you help someone, you will always feel happy. Just like the title of this post promises "You'll NEVER be disappointed again!". I always get that feeling when I help someone transform their life. Here's how I do it. Click here now.

One person that instantly pops into my mind when I think of helping others is Mother Teresa. She helps others no matter where they're from and what they're experiencing. She wasn't the richest woman in the world, but did you ever hear her complain about that? She didn't live in comfort but did you see or hear her whining? NO! It's because Mother Teresa was always happy where she was and embraced it because she did what she loved which is helping others. Seeing others smile alone made Mother Teresa's heart melt. I mean just look at the picture above. How can you NOT smile just looking at the two smiling at each other?! 

It's an incredible feeling that's tough to describe...

Helping others and seeing others help others always make me incredibly happy. It's a feeling of bliss that's always tough to find a word that fits this emotion. I come from the Philippines, a 3rd world country, I've seen struggle. I've seen famine. I've seen poverty at its peak. I hate it and it's horrible. 

That's why I've dedicated my life and chosen the same path Mother Teresa did. I've made a firm and bold decision to help as many people as I can...without looking back. If you're struggling with your finances, in need of a mentor and finding a way on how you can leverage your time to create more income with less work, then you should click here now and check this out.

The moment you start thinking of yourself less is when your ego will start moving to the side. Happiness is best when it's shared with the people who matter to you. Let me ask you..."Are you doing that now?" If not, then why not? We all have choices in life. 

We can create a difference in someone's life in tons of small ways. Here are some: giving a compliment (You may not know it, but there are people who need it.), helping others like the needy or elderly, doing a random act of kindness (search it on YouTube. It's amazing!) and many more. The smallest of things can mean the world to someone.

Stop focusing on "ME" all the time because if you do, that will be your main source of pain. Instead, focus on "WE" because we as a people, are capable of amazing things in life. We've gone as far as discovering fire to going to the moon. Anything is possible. The problem is, not a lot of people believe in themselves because their situation or environment just squanders it mercilessly. (It sucks big time to struggle. That's why I'm always happy and thankful I have the opportunity to share this with you. Click here now!)

Start today! No matter how small your act, it will later on pile up. You'll feel yourself changing. You start feeling different, you start seeing things differently, you start talking differently...everything...it's just different. All of a sudden, you matter and you see and feel it. It's a beautiful feeling, wouldn't you agree? 

Share this blog post to others and let's start living life the way "WE" should!

"The BEST things in life aren't things"

That picture up top is a picture of me and my family. To me, they are the the best and most important people in my life. They are far more important to me than money, cars and other material possessions. 

In today's age, one can easily fall prey to hypocrisy. Most people believe that the most important things in life is having a lot of money, owning fast cars and living in huge mansions. Most people today will see that as a man of huge success. 

Success isn't only external...it's also internal.

It may be cool to have all these fancy stuff but it's worthless if you're missing out on the things that actually matter. What are these things? 

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Nature
  • Any form of life
  • YOU


There are ultra-successful people out there who don't even mind their families at all. Is that a way you'd like to live life? If you ask me it's way funner having a family to share your wealth with. (Click here and see how you can make money from home and spend more quality time with your family.)


Friends are like family especially when they've been around through the good and bad. No man is an island. We all need friends. You can have all the cool stuff in the world but if people hang out with you just because of what you have, then you're one of the loneliest people in the world. There are a lot of social climbers and hypocrites today. Don't be one of them.


Seriously...look around you! Look up, down, left and right. See how beautiful it is? Do you ever take time to appreciate and embrace the beauty of the sunset or sunrise? How about the moon? It's exhilirating and extremely relaxing, don't you think? Do this more often. Don't be so busy or ignorant that you forget what's in abundance around you.

Any form of life

I don't know about you but what gets me smiling and stupidly happy is watching birds gracefully flying around embracing their freedom, seeing dogs run around and lick everything within their vicinity, seeing cats do all these stupidly hilarious stuff (Seriously, it's all over the internet), and all forms of wildlife doing their thing. If any form of life is important to you, it means that you value life and respect it.


If you haven't realized it yet...YOU matter! You're the greatest gift you've ever received in life. The fact that your heart is beating means that you matter and there's still something that you're yet to accomplish! Don't waste yourself. Be YOU and enjoy it! (Go on a journey to self-growth and discovery while making money doing it! Click here)


...in order to enjoy the things that matter in life, you must first be thankful for having them. All these come are in extreme abundance. Enjoy it...embrace it! Being thankful always creates happiness. The small things matter! You may be struggling in life. Just know that it's perfectly ok. We all have those times. The thing to be thankful for is having the opportunity to be alive and do something about it. Now is your chance!

Click here now and start building the life of your dreams!


What Is The TRUE Meaning Of Success?

It's easy. Here's how to break it down and truly dissect it's nature.

S - Sense of direction

U - Understanding

C - Confidence

C - Clarity

E - Esteem

S - Self-confidence

S - Self-acceptance

That's as clear and simple as it can get, wouldn't you agree?

Success may seem like this huge mountain that we need to overcome. In reality, all we need to be on the path of success is: a sense of direction, understanding, clarity, esteem, self-confidence and self-acceptance. If you have all 7 and you pair it up with extreme action taking, you are moving closer and closer towards your dreams. You're not far from making it all a reality.

You can start working on your dreams now. Click here.


Dissecting each aspect of success...

1.) Sense of direction

This is really important. Sense of direction is pretty much the same as having a vision. The important question is... "Where do you want to go?". Developing a road map mentally and putting it on writing is critical. This is how we know what to do next and having a sense of direction wouldn't create a lost cause. Being specific in what you want is the key to getting the things that you specifically want.

2.) Understanding

You may be thinking "Why do I need to be understanding...for what reason?!". Each and every one of us come from different backgrounds. We're experiencing different things in life. Instead of blaming and making excuses, understand that life is a series of challenges. Where ever you are now, accept it, take responsibility, realize that you are where you are because of the decisions you've made and do something about it. It's far more productive than wasting time blaming the whole world except yourself, wouldn't you agree?

3.) Confidence

No one in the history of mankind has done amazing things without having confidence in in what they do. Being confident releases a different type of energy, a different type of aura. An aura that influences people and brings them up...not down.

4.) Clarity

We're back. Like I mentioned before, the clearer the vision, the more specific, the more badass. Clarity can help create motivation, passion, inspiration and most importantly...focus. 

The clearer you are with your purpose or your "WHY", the clearer the images in your mind become. Whatever images play within your mind will directly create an output which is in form of emotion. The stronger and more empowering the images, the stronger and more empowering the emotions that you will be reaping. Like I said...it's important to stay clear and precise with your vision. 

(Click here to see how a vision can change the world (Maybe even your life)

5.) Esteem

I can describe this in one word that pretty much sums it all up and that's "RESPECT". Respect for who? 

Most importantly for yourself but also never forget to respect the people that will help bring you to the top. Respect goes a long way and people never forget nor get turned off by it. Be aggressive in a respectful manner.

6.) Self-confidence

You become a different person. It's like all of a sudden, you've discovered your "other self" as Napoleon Hill likes to put it.

If you don't believe in yourself...if you're not confident in your skills and talents...then you will never achieve anything. You will always be mentally consumed by fear, worry and anxiety.

One really awesome way to stopping these unwanted feelings is by getting better and growing. Fear is nothing but an illusion projected by our subconscious mind. It's an outcome from projecting scary images of yourself messing up and failing within your mind. Worry is pretty much the same but this time, you're underestimating your skills and talents (if you're well-prepared then why worry?!). Anxiety is worrying about the future. Live in the moment and whatever decision you've made, stop trying to mentally escape. Be in the moment!

7.) Self-acceptance

Whatever situation or circumstance you're in...accept it. If you never accept it, you will always struggle internally and externally. You need to learn how to accept what you can't change (everything in the past) and change what you can't accept (your current lifestyle, relationships, finances, etc.)

Moving forward in life starts with you and only you. No one else can do anything about it but you. If you don't come to terms with yourself then it means you're lying to yourself. Being true to yourself and accepting who you are is always important and it's a critical piece to the life puzzle. People who are lost are merely people who don't or can't accept who they are. One thing I can say is "If you don't like who you've become...change it!".

Success is ready for you! It's waiting for you at the other side of this page. Click NOW!


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We did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

We got nominated to do it and it was something we just couldn't back down from. It sounded so fun and exciting to do and we were right! lol 

Check out my video (PJ Zafra), my brother's video (Sean Zafra) and my dad's video (Pete W. Zafra). Check out our different reactions from this challenge that's seriously gone viral in the web.

Life is about having fun, wouldn't you agree?

Don't be scared to take risks every now and then. Sometimes, thinking too much just messes everything up. "Just do it!" as Nike says best. 

Stop worrying or being a grouch most of the time. Learn how to create inner-peace and happiness because once you master your inner world, everything you desire on the outer world will start perfectly falling into place. 

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This is the last part of the video series and also the most critical one. You can literally have the best...

(Day1) Education

(Day 2) Offer

(Day 3) Autoresponder

(Day 4) Capture Page

(Day 5) Traffic

...all these would be absolutely useless unless you take what you learn in today's video to heart. Without this ultra-important commitment, everything would be useless. It's literally like throwing the towel in, soaking it in sewer water and throwing it away for good.

This is how winners are made and this is how winners keep winning. It's not rocket science. It's easier than you think.

Problem is...

"What's easy to do is also easy not to do."

It should be your goal to make what you learn in day 6 a part of your daily habit. A part of your routine. It should be natural for you, not a burden. 

I'll tell you this straight out, if you're not willing to commit to what day 6 is about, then you'll never make it. This business isn't for you nor is any other out there. You're probably better off mooching money from where ever you can.

If you click here now, you will learn how to be a winner and you will become a winner.

You got this!!! I'm looking forward to working with you!

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